Event support request

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LIP may provide, according to the needs, the following support to the organization of events, when requested at least 60 days in advance:

  • Secretariat
    • A limited number of pre-reservations (up to 30 bedrooms) in hotels with which LIP works regularly.
    • Reservation and purchasing of airline tickets and hotel rooms (in the hotels with which LIP works regularly) for up to 5 speakers.
    • Support in the choice and reservation of the venue, in venues where LIP usually organizes events (Edifício 3is, Anfiteatro do Complexo Interdisciplinar do IST, ISCTE, Biblioteca Nacional, Ciência Viva)
    • Invoice issuing
    • Support in catering hiring - standard version and with the suppliers with whom LIP works regularly
    • Support for dinner reservations (up to 30 participants and in the restaurants LIP regularly works with)
    • Bags (standard) and paper (perforated) for badges
    • In the Lisbon region, and on working days, secretariat support in the event venue during the first half-day of the event
  • Computing
    • Creation of an Indico platform, which will be managed by the organizing committee of the event (with a limited amount of technical support)
    • Creation of a platform for participant registration, with standard functionalities only, and with link in the Indico platform.
  • Communication
    • E-mail advertising of the event to the appropriate lists (universities)
    • Preparation of a small text to announce the event (image to be provided by the organizers)
    • Adaptation of existing poster layout, including printing at LIP (size up to A3) and distribution in the universities of Lisbon, Coimbra and Minho.
    • Distribution of materials to the other LIP poles, if necessary.
    • Preparation of materials to distribute in the event venue, according to the needs and subject to availability - leaflets, reports, bulletins, ...

Any other services will be a responsibility of the event organizing committee.


For event of exceptional size or relevance, additional support may be considered. In this case, further details will be required, and the request must be approved by the LIP Directorate. If you are requesting exceptional support, please submit this form and then contact natalia@lip.pt.