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Security Information for LIP Users

security Security considerations

  • NEVER access LIP services that require login from:
    systems that are not yours, systems or networks that are not trustable, systems or networks that are suspected of compromise.
  • NEVER share your password or login credentials with other persons even if they are also LIP members (including LIP IT staff).

  • The LIP users are frequently targeted by attackers trying to steal LIP usernames and passwords
    • The LIP IT personnel will NEVER ask you for your passwords
    • Frequently these attempts appear as mail messages such as warnings of exceeded quota, or messages asking you to login with your username and password to renew your mail account, extend your quota, etc.
    • NEVER trust these messages, do not click on any link contained in them.
    • LIP does not send messages asking to update, renew, extend, increase your mail or Linux accounts.
    • LIP does not send exceeded quota messages or similar asking you to login on a given link.
    • In case of doubt ALWAYS contact ​helpdesk