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Practical Info





Before purchasing any item you need:
  • to be registered in the platform for acquisitions: follow the instructions manual here.
  • the approval both from the PI of the project and the Directorate of LIP.
  • For acquisitions > 20€ [New value] it’s mandatory to fill in the form Requisição de Material.

info Please make sure to:

  • Start this Request before you purchase any item.
  • Fill in the Purpose / use of the material providing an understandable description of the material or service and its purpose, where and for what it will be used. Whenever it applies, mention the related project task.
  • This information is needed to report to the Funding Agencies. The swift approval and reimbursement of the expense will depend on the clarity and adequacy of this information.

For detailed instructions on how to fill in the Requisição de Material please see here
For more specific doubts contact the Secretariat or Accounting Team.



Deliver the following documents and information to the Secretariat or Accounting Team:

  • Invoice, with name, address and LIP taxpayer number.
  • Receipt, if it exists, with name, address and taxpayer number of LIP.
  • Number of the Request (Requisição) associated to the document.
  • The receipt/proof (*) of payment with debit or credit card when applicable.
  • If you didn’t fill in the form “Requisição” (acquisition < 20€) before, please provide together with the invoice/receipt, additional information on the content of the purchase, namely: project, task, understandable description of the purchased item and your signature.

(*) [new] The Delivery Note, with the confirmation of the material paid and received.

info_outline Important
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In order to guarantee a permanent reply to all the missions/travels/fees/hotels requests, we have a new email in the Lisbon Secretariat to be used only for that purpose:

That way, even if one of us is away temporarily from LIP, any other colleague in the Secretariat can provide a fast reply to your request.

We kindly ask your collaboration in using only this email for those purposes.

LIP - Secretariat

info_outline Attention:

  • LIP cannot reimburse documents which do not comply with fiscal and projects funding rules.

  • Please make sure to provide clear and adequate information.
  • Please, make sure to follow the rules of publicity in the materials of communication. Funding agencies have the right to cancel payments if the rules are not followed.


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