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Jorge Sampaio

Researcher ( LIP Lisboa )




Currently my research deals with applications of Monte Carlo techniques in processes involving radiations, particularly, in the fields of dosimetry and radiation protection for space missions and medical applications, and data analysis of radiation monitors. I work also on in relativistic calculations of atomic structures related with Auger cascades in radionuclides for targeted cancer therapy and calculations of fundamental Atomic parameters as well as in applications of Monte Carlo techniques for elemental quantification in X-ray fluorescence techniques.

Teaching activities: Invited auxiliary professor at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon: Laboratory classes of Experimental Physics III (2016-2018) Exercise classes of Atomic Physics (2014-2017); Chemistry and Physics for Art Science and Conservation students (physics component) (2012-2014); Advanced laboratories in Physics (Atomic Physics) (2012-2013) Theory and laboratory classes on Radiation Protection and Dosimetry (210-2012); Laboratory classes on Radiation Physics and Technology (2013-2014 and 2017);

Pos-doc co-supervisor: Alda Sofia Pessanha, "Stratigraphy and thickness in layered systems – Art and Cultural Heritage as a challenge for X-Ray Spectrometry" Ref. SFRH/BPD/94234/2013 (Apr. 2014 - present) Ph.D. co-supervisor: Ana Luísa Casimiro, "Radiation Hazard Assessment And Mitigation In Manned Missions In the Solar System" (Feb. 2017 - present) M.Sc. co-supervisor: Ana Luísa Casimiro, "Effects of the Space Radiation Environment on Manned Missions to Mars", (Sep. 2015 - Oct. 2016) M.Sc. co-supervisor: Maria Daniela Pires, "Simulation of Auger electron spectra from nuclides of medical interest" (Sep. 2016 - present)

Consultant at COMRSIN (Nov. 2014 - Dec. 2017) for the safety of installations for managment of radioactive waste from activities in Medicine, Industry, Agriculture, Research and Education; Consultant at CIPRSN (Jan. 2008 - Jun. 2009) for support on radiation protection issues related to the legal framework on radtion protection. Collaboration with the Radiation Protection group at CERN on Monte Carlo simulations for shielding design of accelerators.