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A Digital Twin for GEOphysical extremes


Beneficiary Entity

LIP - Laboratório de Instrumentação e Física Experimental de Partículas

Project summary

With present computational capabilities and data volumes entering the Exascale Era, digital twins of the Earth system will be able tomimic the different system components (atmosphere, ocean, land, lithosphere) with unrivaled precision, providing analyses,forecasts, and what if scenarios for natural hazards and resources from their genesis phases and across their temporal and spatialscales. DT-GEO aims at developing a prototype for a digital twin on geophysical extremes including earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis,and anthropogenic-induced extreme events. The project harnesses world-class computational and data Research Infrastructures (RIs),operational monitoring networks, and leading-edge research and academia partnerships in various fields of geophysics. The projectwill merge and assemble latest developments from other European projects and Centers of Excellence to deploy 12 Digital TwinComponents (DTCs), intended as self-contained containerized entities embedding flagship simulation codes, Artificial Intelligencelayers, large volumes of (real-time) data streams from and into data-lakes, data assimilation methodologies, and overarchingworkflows for deployment and execution of single or coupled DTCs in centralized HPC and virtual cloud computing RIs. Each DTCaddresses specific scientific questions and circumvents technical challenges related to hazard assessment, early warning forecast,urgent computing, or resource prospection. DTCs will be verified at 13 Site Demonstrators (SD) and their outcomes will contain richmetadata to enable (semi-)automatic discovery, contextualisation, and orchestration of software (services) and data assets, enablingits integration to the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). The proposal aims at being a first step of a long-term community efforttowards a twin on Geophysical Extremes integrated in the Destination Earth (DestinE) initiative.

Support under

Reforçar a investigação, o desenvolvimento tecnológico e a inovação

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Total eligible cost

€ 11,866,848.00

EU financial support

€ 11,866,848.00

Funding LIP

€ 542,875.00

National public financial support

€ 0.00










Computing and Data Projects on digital TwinsPresentation in national conference
Demo: SQA as a Service (SQAaaS) platformOral presentation in collaboration meeting
udocker: current and future developmentsOral presentation in international conference
WP4 - EOSC-enabled Data Management Plan and ExploitationOral presentation in collaboration meeting


Jorge Humberto Lúcio Oliveira Gomes
José Miguel Viana Alves
Mário Jorge Moura David
Samuel Sousa Nascimento Bernardo
Zacarias José Miranda Benta