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Implementing the European Open Science Cloud


Beneficiary Entity

LIP - Laboratório de Instrumentação e Física Experimental de Partículas

Project summary

EGI-ACE empowers researchers from all disciplines to collaborate in data- and compute-intensive research across borders
through free at point of use services. Building on the distributed computing integration in EOSC-hub, it delivers the EOSC
Compute Platform and contributes to the EOSC Data Commons through a federation of Cloud compute and storage
facilities, PaaS services and data spaces with analytics tools and federated access services.
The Platform is built on the EGI Federation, the largest distributed computing infrastructure for research. The EGI Federation
delivers over 1 Exabyte of research data and 1 Million CPU cores which supported the discovery of the Higgs Boson and the
first observation of gravitational waves, while remaining open to new members.
The Platform pools the capacity of some of Europe’s largest research data centres, leveraging ISO compliant federated
service management. Over 30 months, it will provide more than 82 M CPU hours and 250 K GPU hours for data processing
and analytics, and 45 PB/month to host and exploit research data. Its services address the needs of major research
infrastructures and communities of practice engaged through the EOSC-hub project. The Platform advances beyond the
state of the art through a data-centric approach, where data, tools and compute and storage facilities form a fully integrated
environment accessible across borders thanks to Virtual Access.
The Platform offers heterogeneous systems to meet different needs, including state of the art GPGPUs and accelerators
supporting AI and ML, making the Platform an ideal innovation space for AI applications. The data spaces and analytics
tools are delivered in collaboration with tens of research infrastructures and projects, to support use cases for Health, the
Green Deal, and fundamental sciences.
The consortium builds on the expertise and assets of the EGI federation members, key research communities and data
providers, and collaborating initiatives.

Support under

Melhorar o acesso às tecnologias da informação e comunicação, bem como a sua utilização e qualidade

Region of Intervention




Total eligible cost

€ 196238

EU financial support

€ 95438 EU + 100800 EGI

National public financial support

€ 0.00









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