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Funded Projects / details

Colaboração na experiência COMPASS do CERN

Code POCI/FP/63431/2005

Beneficiary Entity

LIP - Laboratório de Instrumentação e Física Experimental de Partículas

Project summary


Support under


Region of Intervention




Total eligible cost

€ 120000

EU financial support

€ 0.00

National public financial support

€ 0.00


Gluon polarization in the nucleon from quasi-real photoproduction of high-pT hadron pairsArticle in international journal (with direct contribution from team)published
New Results on the Spin-dependent Structure Function of the deuteron, $g_1$International Conference Proceedingspublished


Longitudinal polarisation of lambda and anti-lambda in deep inelastic scattering at COMPASSPresentation in national conference
Measurement of gluon polarisation from high transversePresentation in national conference
New Results on the Spin-dependent Structure Function of the deuteron, $g_1$Oral presentation in international conference
The spin-dependent structure function of the deuteron g1(x,Q^2)Presentation in national conference


Catarina Marques Quintans
Celso Filipe Correia Franco
David Manuel Rodrigues Sora
Francisco Pedro Lopes Leitão Mota
Helena de Fátima Nunes Casimiro dos Santos
Luís Miguel Faria Pereira da Silva
Maria Paula Frazão Bordalo e Sá
Sérgio Eduardo de Campos Costa Ramos
Sérgio Ricardo Moreira Pino