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Funded Projects / details

European Open Science Cloud – Expanding Capacities by Building Capabilities

Code EOSC-synergy grant 857647

Beneficiary Entity

LIP - Laboratório de Instrumentação e Física Experimental de Partículas

Project summary

EOSC-synergy extends the EOSC coordination to nine participating countries by harmonizing policies and federating relevant national research e-Infrastructures, scientific data and thematic services, bridging the gap between national initiatives and EOSC. The project introduces new capabilities by opening national thematic services to European access, thus expanding the EOSC offer in the Environment, Climate Change, Earth Observation and Life Sciences. This is supported by an expansion of the capacity through the federation of compute, storage and data resources aligned with the EOSC and FAIR policies and practices.

EOSC-synergy builds on the expertise of leading research organizations, infrastructure providers, NRENs and user communities from Spain, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Netherlands, United Kingdom and France, all already committed to the EOSC vision and already involved in related activities at national and international level. Furthermore, expands EOSC’s global reach by integrating infrastructure and data providers beyond Europe, fostering international collaboration and open new resources to European researchers.

The project pushes the EOSC state-of-the-art in software and services life-cycle through a quality-driven approach to services integration that promotes the convergence and alignment towards EOSC standards and best practices. This is complemented by the expansion of the EOSC training and education capabilities through the introduction of an on-line platform aimed at boosting the development of EOSC skills and competences. EOSC-synergy complements on-going activities in EOSC-hub and other related projects liaising national bodies and infrastructures with other upcoming governance, data and national coordination projects.

Support under

Reforçar a investigação, o desenvolvimento tecnológico e a inovação

Region of Intervention




Total eligible cost

€ 433000

EU financial support

€ 433000

National public financial support

€ 0.00









Report on the Workshop on Sustainable Software Sustainability 2019 (WOSSS19)International Conference Proceedingspublished


A quality based approach to software and servicesOral presentation in international conference
EOSC-SynergyOral presentation in national or international meeting
EOSC-Synergy Jenkins Pipeline Library DemonstrationOral presentation in international conference
EOSC-Synergy Status and Challenges of WP3Oral presentation in collaboration meeting
EOSC-Synergy Task 3.1 statusOral presentation in collaboration meeting
EOSC-Synergy WP3 Hands-on on the SQAaaS Oral presentation in collaboration meeting
EOSC-synergy WP3 KoM fostering service integrationOral presentation in collaboration meeting
EOSC-Synergy WP3.3 JePL developmentOral presentation in collaboration meeting
EOSC-Synergy: Summary WP3Oral presentation in collaboration meeting
Integration of WORSICA’s thematic service in EOSC - challenges and achievementsOral presentation in international conference
Service QA and DataverseOral presentation in collaboration meeting
The Current Onboarding Procedures, Rules of Participation EOSC-SynergyOral presentation in national or international meeting
WP4 Thematic Service WorSiCaOral presentation in collaboration meeting


EOSC-Synergy 3rd All Hands MeetingCollaboration Meeting2020-09-22 / 2020-09-25


Jorge Humberto Lúcio Oliveira Gomes
Mário Jorge Moura David
Samuel Sousa Nascimento Bernardo