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Funded Projects / details

Designing and Enabling E-Infrastructures for intensive Processing in a Hybrid DataCloud

Code DEEP-HybridDataCloud - Grant 777435

Beneficiary Entity

LIP - Laboratório de Instrumentação e Física Experimental de Partículas

Project summary


Support under

Reforçar a investigação, o desenvolvimento tecnológico e a inovação

Region of Intervention




Total eligible cost

€ 362500

EU financial support

€ 362500

National public financial support

€ 0.00


A cloud-based framework for machine learning workloads and applicationsArticle in international journal (with direct contribution from team)published
Benchmarking Deep Learning Infrastructures by Means of TensorFlow and ContainersInternational Conference Proceedingspublished
Researchers Advance User-Level Container Solution for HPCArticle in international journal (with direct contribution from team)


DEEP framework for deep learningPoster presentation in international conference
DEEP WP3 Highlight and status updateOral presentation in collaboration meeting
DEEP WP3 statusOral presentation in collaboration meeting
DEEP-Hybrid-DataCloud: intensive computing techniques for applications needing specialised hardwareOral presentation in collaboration meeting
Integration of HPC resources and techniquesOral presentation in international meeting
Rootless containers with udocker (DI4R)Oral presentation in international conference
Rootless Containers with Udocker (ISC 2019)Poster presentation in international conference
Status Task 3.1 - Testbed and integration with EOSC servicesOral presentation in collaboration meeting
udockerOral presentation in international meeting
udocker support for acceleratorsOral presentation in international conference
udocker toolSeminar
udocker toolOral presentation in international meeting
WP3 – Testbed and integration with EOSC servicesOral presentation in collaboration meeting


Jorge Humberto Lúcio Oliveira Gomes
Mário Jorge Moura David
Samuel Sousa Nascimento Bernardo