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Funded Projects / details

Development of Timing Resistive Plate Chambers for time-of-flight measurements

Code POCI/FP/81981/2007

Beneficiary Entity

LIP - Laboratório de Instrumentação e Física Experimental de Partículas

Project summary


Support under


Region of Intervention




Total eligible cost

€ 25000

EU financial support

€ 0.00

National public financial support

€ 0.00


A long-run study of aging in glass timing RPCs with analysis of the deposited materialOral presentation in international conference
Progress in Developing Hybrid RPC: GEM-like Detectors with Resistive ElectrodesPoster presentation in international conference
RPCs from Coimbra: HADES and moreOral presentation in collaboration meeting
Timing Resistive Plate Chamber applications in HADES and in Medical ImagingSeminar


Alberto Blanco Castro
Alessio Mangiarotti
Américo Manuel de Almeida Pereira
Luís Alberto Vieira Lopes
Maria Margarida Feteira Ribeirete Fraga
Orlando Lopes Cunha
Paulo Jorge Ribeiro da Fonte
Rui Ferreira Marques