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Competence Centres

  • CCMC - Competence Center in Monitoring and Control

    The Competence Center in Monitoring and Control (CCMC) is intended to: 

    • Gather the accumulated expertise in sensors, electronics and software used in Monitoring and Control by several experiments where LIP participate and have direct responsibilities;
    • Facilitate the sharing of know how, solutions in electronic and software design among LIP persons/groups
    • Establish partnerships/contracts with third parties (e.g. other laboratories, industry) where our scientific deliverables can be re-used.
    • Avoid time/costs associated of development of new products.

    info Coimbra

    Francisco Neves

  • SimBigDat - Competence Centre on Simulation and Big Data

    The purpose of the Competence Center on Simulation and Big Data is the fostering of an effective collaboration between the different LIP groups working on these areas and to boost the capability to exploit the existing expertise both internally and externally, towards the university and the industry. The different LIP groups have a vast range of competences in data analysis and simulation tools, including physics models, Monte Carlo generators, detector simulation tools, big-data handling techniques and data mining. The ability to fully benefit from such competences requires achieving critical mass, a coordinated training program, the exploitation of synergies between groups and a clear identification of the key areas where we can contribute in a competitive way.

    The competence center started its activities in 2017 and the first priorities were the identification of the technical competences mastered by the LIP members in these two areas, establishing communication and discussion forums, starting a training program and establishing an action plan for the next few years.


    info Coimbra / Minho / Lisboa

    Nuno Castro