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Research Infrastructures - 2023 Calls

ID 50 2023-01-10 / 2023-03-09


The Research Infrastructures Work Programme 2023-2024 is published, there you’ll find all the funding opportunities within this programme for 2023 and 2024.

Until the 9th March 2023, there are 4 calls open with 18 topics which will fund approximately 61 projects:

INFRADEV – Developing, consolidating and optimizing the European research infrastructures landscape, maintaining global leadership

INFRA-2023-DEV-01-01: Concept development for a RI to manage, integrate & sustain large medical cohorts

INFRA-2023-DEV-01-02: Early phase implementation of ESFRI Projects entering the ESFRI Roadmap in 2018

INFRA-2023-DEV-01-03: Consolidation of the RI landscape – Individual support for evolution and long term sustainability of pan-European research infrastructures

INFRA-2023-DEV-01-04: Consolidation of the RI landscape – development of complementarities, synergies and/or integration between a set of pan- European RIs

INFRA-2023-DEV-01-05: Preparation of common strategies for future development of RI technologies and services within broad RI communities

INFRA-2023-DEV-01-06: Strengthen bilateral cooperation on RI with Latin America

INFRA-2023-DEV-01-07: Strengthening the international dimension of ESFRI and/or ERIC RIs

INFRA-2023-DEV-01-08: Preparatory phase of new ESFRI RI projects

INFRAEOSC – Enabling an operational, open and FAIR European Open Science Cloud ecosystem

INFRA-2023-EOSC-01-01: Build on the science cluster approach to ensure the uptake of EOSC by RIs and research communities

INFRA-2023-EOSC-01-02: Development of community-based approaches for ensuring and improving the quality of scientific software and code

INFRA-2023-EOSC-01-03: Planning, tracking, and assessing scientific knowledge production

INFRA-2023-EOSC-01-04: Next generation services for operational and sustainable EOSC Core Infrastructure

INFRA-2023-EOSC-01-05: EOSC Architecture and Interoperability Framework

INFRA-2023-EOSC-01-06: Trusted environments for sensitive data management in EOSC

INFRASERV – Research Infrastructures services to support health research, accelerate the green and digital transformation, and advance frontier knowledge

INFRA-2023-SERV-01-01: RI services to enable R&I addressing main challenges and EU priorities

INFRA-2023-SERV-01-02: RI services advancing frontier knowledge

INFRA-2023-SERV-01-03: RI services advancing frontier knowledge: co-fund pilots with pan-European RIs and/or national RIs

INFRATECH – Next generation of scientific instrumentation, tools, methods, and advanced digital solutions for RIs

INFRA-2023-TECH-01-01: New technologies and solutions for reducing the environmental and climate footprint of RIs



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