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Interreg Europe - Next call for projects

ID 31 2023-03-15 / 2023-06-09

Second call for projects. The second call will open from 15 March to 9 June 2023.

This is a call for proposals for interregional cooperation projects. These projects gather policy-relevant organisations from different countries in Europe working together on a common regional development
issue. The first three years of the projects (‘core phase’) are dedicated to exchange and transfer of
experience among the participating partners in order to improve the policy instruments addressed by the project. In the fourth and last year (‘follow-up phase’), the regions mainly focus on monitoring the results and impact of the cooperation.

A detailed description of this action is provided in section B ‘Projects’ of the programme manual.

The programme eligible area covers the whole European Union territory with its 27 Member States,
including insular and outermost regions. In addition, Norway and Switzerland are full members of the
programme and organisations from these countries are eligible1 to participate in projects. Partners from
other countries can participate at their own costs



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