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Widening Participation and Strengthening the European Research Area

ID 29 0000-00-00 / 0000-00-00


Widening Participation and Strengthening the European Research Area - Work Programme 2021-2022  

A pallet of different funding instruments aimed at i) individual and institutional connectivity (COST and Twinning), ii) balanced brain circulation in Europe (ERA-Chairs, and ERA Policy linked to MSCA), iii) institutional and regional reform and transformation (Teaming and Excellence Universities), iv) linking science and business (Excellence Hubs and EIC Accelarator), and v) capacity building and inclusiveness (NCP Support, "Hop On", Seal of Excellence). Main widening actions described below.

Twinning stands for institutional networking, aimed at strengthening a specific research field. Widening organisation linked to at least 2 leading research organisations. Projects of 1.5M€ for 3 years.

Teaming to create new (or significant update of existing) centres of excellence in Widening countries through a coupling process with a leading scientific institution. Projects of 6-8 years with around 15 M€ funding.

ERA-CHAIRs: bringing excellence to institutions by attracting outstanding scientists and their teams as game changers to universities or research organisations. Projects of around 2.5M€ for 5-6 years.

Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST): bottom-up and open networking projects aimed at individuals, and in all domains of knowledge. Each thematic network runs for 4 years with an average budget of 0.5 M€.