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ERA Chairs

ID 15 2021-06-29 / 2022-03-15

ERA Chairs
Open for submission

Programme Horizon Europe (HORIZON)

Types of action HORIZON Coordination and Support Actions
Deadline model single-stage
Opening date 29 June 2021
Deadline date 15 March 2022 17:00:00 Brussels time

ERA Chairs stand for bringing excellence to institutions. ERA Chairs projects bring outstanding academics, with proven research excellence and management skills, to universities and research institutions in Widening countries with potential for research excellence. They aim to attract and maintain high-quality human resources under the direction of an outstanding researcher (the 'ERA Chair holder') while at the same time implementing structural changes necessary to achieve excellence on a sustainable basis.


Proposals for topics under this Destination should set out a credible pathway to contributing to the following expected impact:

Effective institutional reforms in research institutions in widening countries
Better use of existing research infrastructures
Excellent talents attracted in institutions and research infrastructures
Reverted brain drain
Improved linkages and increased mobility between academic and business, notably by overcoming sectoral barriers
Free circulation of knowledge and expertise in line with ERA priorities
Improved gender balance and equal opportunities



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