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Tribute to Charlotte Froese Fischer

LIP-ECO | 08 April, 2024

"An invitation to all LIP community"

Charlotte Froese Fischer (1929-2024) was a Canadian-American applied mathematician, computer scientist and physicist noted for the development and implementation of the Multi-Configurational Hartree–Fock (MCHF) approach to atomic-structure calculations and its application to the description of atomic structure and spectra. She was a Fellow of the American Physical Society.

In 1957, she obtained her Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics and Computing at Cambridge University, pursuing coursework in quantum theory with Paul Dirac. She worked under the supervision of Douglas Hartree, from whom she later wrote a biography. An autobiographical note and an account of the early days of computation applied to variational methods in atomic physics, as well as her collaboration with Hartree can be read here.

Charlotte was the co-founder of the Computational Atomic Structure group (CompAS).
Following the announcement of her passing on February 8th, this year CompAS meeting that will take place at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, will pay tribute to Charlotte Froese Fisher on June 27th, to which the entire community of LIP is invited.