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AI4EOSC 1 is out and brings along great news

Lígia Breda Melo | 04 April, 2024

"LIP’s participation on the project has contributed to the development, validation and availability of the new platform for machine learning"

Having started in September 2022, the AI4EOSC is an innovative initiative in Artificial Intelligence (AI) that counts with the participation of LIP's distributed computing and digital infrastructures group.

Funded under the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) to improve the supply of AI, deep learning and machine learning in Europe, providing the scientific community with access to these cutting-edge technologies, AI4EOSC has now announced the release of its first platform.

LIP has contributed to the development, validation and availability of this new asset. It should be noted that LIP is fully responsible for software and quality assurance of services, applications and data.

The AI4EOSC platform is a cloud-based system for the development of AI applications and models, integrated in the EOSC and powered by the AI4OS software stack.

The main new features include:

  • Flexible and transparent access to cloud resources, such as GPUs, CPUs and storage;
  • Integrated support for federated learning training on distributed data;
  • Availability of MLOps tools for model monitoring and drift detection;
  • Inference platform for scalable serverless inference of AI models, including event-driven data processing.

Following the release of the platform, the first Call for New AI4EOSC Pilots is now open. Research organizations, researchers, start-ups, spin-offs or SMEs from EU countries are invited to apply until April 30th 2024.

In addition, a series of webinars regarding the first release is available. They cover different topics, from AI and applications such as image processing to federated learning.