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LIP-ECO | Information

LIP-ECO | 14 February, 2024

"Following the restructuring of the LIP communication team (LIP-ECO), a few points to bear in mind. "

  • The LIP communication contact email is for all matters; 
  • Sofia Andringa is currently the person responsible for coordinating activities;
  • Lígia Breda Melo collaborates with LIP-ECO by dealing with news on the website and social networks - the latter with the support of students Matteo Pisano and Carolina Felgueiras;
  • Hugo Gomes supports the organization of events by the LIP groups (communication materials, Indico page, event dissemination, etc);
  • The detailed annual report is edited by Carlos Manuel
    The final revision is coordinated by the Scientific Council (;
  • The public annual report is edited by Sónia Ribeiro
    The final revision is coordinated by Sofia Andringa;
  • Weekly meetings continue to be held on Mondays at 10:00 a.m. on a hybrid basis (face-to-face in Lisbon and via Zoom for the other LIP centers).


We also appeal to the following:

  • Sending (to news/information regarding the groups - including published articles and other important steps in their scientific work journey;
  • The publishing of events, activities, ephemeris, etc. on Indico - the "Events Calendar" item available in the side menu of the LIP Intranet page;
  • That when an event is created on Indico, the following note is added to the description/overview (if applicable):
    "LIP/The Organizing Committee wishes to inform you that, during the course of the event, there is a high likelihood of recording video, audio, and images, capturing participants' likenesses and voices. These recordings may be utilized by LIP across various media platforms, encompassing print and digital formats (such as live internet broadcasts, printed publications, websites, posters, banners, films, social media, among others), for educational, outreach, dissemination, and research purposes. It is important to acknowledge that the recorded materials may be accessible globally, and privacy protections in some jurisdictions may not align with European legislation. Consequently, by participating, you willingly waive any copyrights or entitlement to compensation arising from the utilization of the recorded materials."