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Preparation of the 2023 LIP reports

LIP-ECO | 03 December, 2023

"This year the LIP group reports must be submitted in the DB until the end of 2023. Here you find some important information, including how to get help if needed."

This year the preparation of the annual reports runs inDecember. This is to avoid that everything happens early next year: reports, funding applications, evaluation of R&D units....

We would therefore like to ask you to make the group information (texts + team + scientific production) available in the database preferably by the LIP Scientific Council meeting and no later than the end of the year.


  • If you take your report from last year as a starting point, please use the version of the text that is in the final report and not your private version (the text has probably been edited compared to the one you have stored somewhere...)
  • You can access the DB interface on the LIP intranet ( via the "quick links" on the right (squares) or at
  • At any moment you can get the current full report by clicking on the yellow button on the homepage of the DB interface (or on the group's page in the DB if you just want the group's report).


  • Problems accessing the DB: don't hesitate to contact or
  • Requesting a a zoom tutorial about the DB interface: don't hesitate to contact or
  • Any problems or questions when filling in the DB:, or


As usual, we are fully available to provide all the help and clarification that you may need. We count on your cooperation in meeting the deadlines!