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Scientific Research and Environmental Sustainability

LIP-ECO | 25 June, 2023

"After the LIP seminar on the subject, we decided to create an informal sustainability group and get started - with info collection and some specific actions. Check here how to participate!"

As you may have noticed, the LIP seminar on 15 June was about environmental sustainability and scientific research. Not because some expert came to LIP, but because it is a subject we really need to give more attention to — and that is actually getting us from all directions. This time  it came from CERN and EPPCN, the communication group of CERN and its member states.

At the end of the seminar, there was an interesting debate about the steps we can take (and some that have already been taken) and some examples that had been presented. It seemed to us that, from where we are, we can start by:  

  • Bringing people together. Create an informal group for discussion and action on sustainability. A group that can carry out tasks according to the priorities we define and the availability and interests of each person, that can share data and ideas and launch challenges to the community.
  • Gathering information. Many research institutes in Europe and Portugal already calculate their carbon footprint every year. Where do we start from? What information do we have and don’t have? What can we get with little effort? What do we know about the buildings that house LIP? Who would it be useful to talk to? What are the big chunks to consider and how do we begin to break through each of them?

João Pedro Santos has agreed to be the contact point and coordinate a little bit this initiative. Just send an email to if you want to start receiving information about what's going on - and to participate according to your availability. Soon we will agree on a way to define and share the first tasks!

We take the opportunity to leave you a suggestion, already with next weekend in mind!