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LIP in the 3 Minutes Thesis Competition

LIP-ECO | 07 May, 2023

"Matteo Pisano, PhD student in the LIP-CMS group and at IST, was one of 150 PhD students from ULisboa participating in the science communication training of the 3 Minute Thesis competition. "

Matteo focused on the best way to communicate his research topic, which concerns the production of matter particles from the interaction of photons at the LHC, using the CMS detector. Recently, Matteo also gave a talk for students at the Santa Maria Secondary School, in Sintra. And all in Portuguese!

The academic competition 3MT an excellent opportunity to learn how to communicate better to different audiences, in different ways. Students are challenged to explain the importance and impact of their research to a non-specialized audience - and they offered a couple of days of training of science communication in different forms. 3MT is inspired by a format developed and patented by the University of Queensland, Australia (3MT®) and exists now in several Portuguese universities, including Ulisboa and UC.