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LIP Pheno has a new PI

LIP-ECO/N. Castro | 01 May, 2023

"LIP's Phenomenology group has just elected Liliana Apolinários as group leader. Best wishes to Liliana and the group in this new phase! "

According to LIP's Scientific Council regulations, an election of group leader should be held every two years. The Pheno group followed LIP’s internal regulations' guidelines in that researchers, technicians, and PhD students have a vote, but only  PhD holders can be elected. Guilherme Milhano, group leader since the group creation in 2018, has not put his name forward for re-election this time.

The Pheno group has been growing at a remarkable pace in number of both PhD researchers and students, and has an high-standing publication record. A huge thanks to Guilherme for the work done setting up and running the group in a very successful way and best wishes for the future to Liliana and to the Pheno group!