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News on Friday (... yes, last Friday)

LIP-ECO | 26 February, 2023

"Apologies for the huge delay! This week, we go from the first 2023 masterclasses to surprising Webb telescope observations, from LIP people news to wild new theories on dark energy… we have also the LHC experiments, space exploration, computing and more. Have a nice reading and a nice week!"

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Founder of LIP José Mariano Gago is on e of the 50 personalities chosen by Expresso

After the book, the interview with Alessandro de Angelis in Público this weekend

IPPOG's Masterclasses 2023 took off: first pictures from FCUL (by A. Gomes)

Best 2022 PhD thesis award to Maria Ramos, in the 48th anniversary of Escola de Ciências of UM

Master thesis defense: LIP student João Afonso Jantarada, from the NUC-RIA, group, at FCUL

Dark energy from supermassive black holes? Physicists spar over radical idea (link to scientific paper)

No Público: Galáxias gigantes descobertas nos primórdios do Universo — e não era suposto (link to Nature)

On CERN Courier: A new ATLAS for the high-luminosity era

On CERN Courier: CMS prepares for Phase II

On Symmetry magazine: What the Higgs boson tells us about the universe

CERN inspires a unique anthology of short-stories. paperback available on 3 March 

Managing energy responsibly: CERN is awarded ISO 50001 energy certification

The follow up of the EURO-CC project has been launched in Germany

"Artificial Intelligence for Science" Bootcamp - free, online training on 17-18 April 

CERN QTI launches its new series of online lectures to explore quantum science  

Supercomputing is helping to improve breast cancer treatments  

ESA’s mission to the Jupiter moons JUICE: one step closer to launch (April 2023)

No Público: Pequeno asteróide entrou na atmosfera terrestre. "Bola de fogo" vista em vários países da Europa.

Pluto was discovered in 18 February 1930 (and it did not yet complete one full orbit around the Sun since then)   

Ozone hole: from discovery to the strides to fix it, and how Earth Observation satellites are helping track recovery

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