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Directorate meeting summary

LIP-ECO | 06 February, 2023

"LIP Directors Board met remotely on 23 January and 6 February. The summary e-mailed to all LIP members by its president can be found here (english version)"

The LIP director’s board met remotely on 23 January 23 and 6 February and:

  • After receiving suggestions from the LIP scientific council board and the workers committee, decided to appoint the following LIP members for the monitoring committee foreseen in the gender equality plan: Ofélia Janeiro, Rute Pedro, Helmut Wolters, Paulo Brás.
  • Approved the changes to the ethics committee's regulation suggested by the ethics committee itself. [the new version is attached to the e-mail; english translation will be released very soon]
  • Decided to start an internal process for the creation of a technical/administrative career at LIP. The goal is to create a stable and unified reference framework for the workers who currently perform technical and administrative functions at LIP. The workers committee and all LIP workers will be invited to participate in this process.