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Social media: How to participate?

Share your research, particle physics concepts and experiments with our audiences.

  • Facebook aims at the general public (including teachers and schools);
  • Twitter to our international peers; and
  • Linkedin, to other professionals.

This year, 2019, LIP will carry a specific social media campaign, joining the celebration of the International Year of the Periodic Table #IYPT.

Each Friday, at our FB page, we will publish an enigma about one of the elements of the periodic table, based on its relation to particle physics.

The following monday, the enigma will be shared again with the correct answer.

Please, do contribute for one of the elements!

You can do it here, (check the example), or just send your enigma, the correct answer and picture to the email.

Each group may also contribute to:

  1. The celebration of national or international dates related to science and physics
    See the available dates and share interesting resources and thoughts with our followers. If you have an idea for one of the date that needs development please contact us. For direct contributions go here.
  2. Free themes and news
    What news and events do you plan to communicate throughout 2019? Would you like to see more particle physics content in our social media? We invite the different research groups to cheer up our networks. Contact us (, or make direct contributions into the monthly calendar, available here.

info_outline Quick Links:
  • LIP cannot reimburse documents which do not comply with fiscal and projects funding rules.

  • Please make sure to provide clear and adequate information.
  • Please, make sure to follow the rules of publicity in the materials of communication. Funding agencies have the right to cancel payments if the rules are not followed.


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