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AGN - Active Galactic Nucleus
ALICE - LHC experiment
AMS - Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (particle physics experiment in the ISS)
AEEF - Alphasat Environment and Effects Facility (ESA)
AHEAD - Integrated Activities for the High Energy Astrophysics Domain (H2020)
AI - Artificial intelligence
Alphasat - the largest European telecom satellite (ESA)
AMBER - Apparatus for Meson and Baryon Experimental (CERN)
AMEGO - All-sky Medium Energy Gamma-ray Observatory (NASA)
ANI - National Innovation Agency (Agência Nacional de Inovação)
ANIMEE - Associação Portuguesa das Empresas do Sector Elétrico e Eletrónico
APPEC - Astroparticle Physics European Consortium
ASIC - Application Specific Integrated Circuit
AT - Advanced Training
ATLAS - A Toroidal LHC ApparatuS (general-purpose experiment at the LHC
Auger - Pierre Auger Observatory (Argentina)
BEXUS - Balloon Experiments for University Students
BIN - Brain Imaging Network - Portuguese distributed e-infrastructure for biological data
BioISI - Instituto de Biossistemas e Ciências Integrativas
BTL - Barrel Timing Layer (CMS)
BSM - Beyond the Standard Model
CBPF - Brazilian Centre for Research in Physics (Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Físicas)
CC - Competence Centre
CCMC - Monitoring and Control Competence Centre (LIP)
CEFITEC - Centre for Physics and Technological Research, NOVA (Centro de Física e Investigação Tecnológica)
CENTRA - Centre for Astrophysics and Gravitation
CERN- European Laboratory for Particle Physics, Geneva, Switzerland
CFTC - Centre for Theoretical and Computational Physics, FCUL (Centro de Física Teórica e Computacional)
CFTP - Centre for Theoretical Particle Physics, IST (Centro de Física Teórica de Partículas)
CHUC - Coimbra University Hospital Center (Centro Hospitalar e Universitário de Coimbra)
COMPASS - Common Muon and Proton Apparatus for Structure and spectroscopy (CERN experiment)
CMS - Compact Muon Solenoid (general-purpose experiment at the LHC)
CNAO - National Centre for Oncological Hadrontherapy, Italy (Centro Nazionale Adroterapia Oncologica)
CNC - Computer Numerical Control (refers to computer controlled machine or tool)
CNES - French Space Agency (Centre National d'Études Spatulas)
CoastNet - Portuguese Coastal Monitoring Network
COVID-19 - Disease caused by the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2
CP - Charge Parity (symmetry)
CPCA - FCT Call for Advanced Computing Projects (2020)
Copernicus - Satellite-based European Union's Earth Observation Programme
CR - Cosmic Rays
CS -Control System
CTA - Cherenkov Telescope Array
CTN - Nuclear Technology Campus, IST (Campus Tecnológico e Nuclear)
CTTB - Component Technology Test Bed
CV - Agência Ciência Viva
DAQ - Data Acquisition System
DCS - Detector Control System
DBD - Double Beta Decay
DELPHI - Detector with Electron, Photons and Hadron Identification, experiment at LEP (CERN)
DIAS - Data and Information Access Services
DIS - Deep Inelastic scattering
DL - Detectors Laboratory (LIP)
DQM - Data Quality Manager
DUNE - Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (CERN/FermiLab)
EC - European Council
ECAL - Electromagnetic Calorimeter (CMS)
ECFA - European Committee for Future Accelerators
ECO - Education, Communication and Outreach
ECOTOP - Ecology and Conservation of Top Predators group (MARE)
eCRLab - Cosmic Rays Electronics Laboratory (LIP)
EEE - Electronic and Electric Engineering
EFACEC - Portuguese company, operating in the energy and transportation sector
EGI - European Grid Infrastructure
EGI-ACE - European Open Science Cloud implementation project
EOSC - European Open Science Cloud
EPPCN - European Particle Physics Outreach Network
ERC - European Research Council
ESA - European Space Agency
ESFRI - European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures
ESPP - European Strategy for Particle Physics
ESPPU - European Strategy for Particle Physics Update
ESS - European Spallation Source
EU - European Union
EUDAT-CDI - European Collaborative Data Infrastructure
EURATOM - European Atomic Energy Community
EuroCC - H2020 EU project for HPC coordination
EuroHPC - European High Performance Computing Joint Undertaking
eV - electron-Volt (unit of energy; the energy of an electron under 1 Volt; multiples are: keV, MeV, GeV, TeV, PeV, EeV)
EVOLEO - Portuguese company, operating in the electronic engineering sector
FAIR - Principles for Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability, and Reuse of digital assets
FAIR - Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research (GSI)
FARE - Fake News and Real People (ERC project at LIP)
FCC - Future Circular Collider
FAPESP - Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo
FCCN - Fundação para o Cálculo Científico Nacional (FCT)
FCT - Foundation for Science and Technology, Portugal (Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia)
FCUL - Faculdade de Ciências, Universidade de Lisboa
Fermilab - Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Illinois, USA
FD - Fluorescence Detector (in Auger)
FOV - Field of View
FPGA - Field-programmable gate array (integrated circuit)
GBIF - Global Biodiversity Network
GHIPOFG - Portuguese Institute of Oncology (Grupo Hospitalar Instituto Português de Oncologia Francisco Gentil)
GEO - Geostationary orbit
GPU - Graphics processing unit
GRB - Gamma-Ray Burst
GRD - Ground (electricity)
GSI - Helmholtz Centre for heavy ion research, in Darmstadt, Germany
GSTP - General Support Technology Programme, ESA
HEP - High Energy Physics (or Particle Physics)
HiRezBrainPET - Project for Brain imaging by high resolution PET (LIP participation)
HL-LHC - High-Luminosity LHC
Horizon 2020 - EC Framework Program for Research & Innovation 2014-2020
HADES - High Acceptance Di-Electron Spectrometer (experiment at GSI)
Horizon Europe - EC Framework Program for Research & Innovation 2021-2027
HPC - High Performance Computing
HR - Human Resources
HTC - High Throughput Computing
HV - High Voltage
Hyper-K - Hyper-Kamiokande (planned neutrino physics experiment in Japan)
IBEB - Institute for Biophysics and Biomedical Engineering, FCUL
IBERGRID - Iberian Computing Grid Infrastructure
ICNAS - Institute for Nuclear Sciences Applied to Health (Instituto de Ciências Nucleares Aplicadas à Saúde)
ICT - Information and Communications Technologies
IDPASC - International Doctorate Network on Particle Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology
INAF - Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica (Italy)
IGC - Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência
ILO - Industrial Liaisons Officer
IMEM - Istituto dei Materiali per l’Elettronica e il Magnetismo (Parma, Italy)
INCD - National Infrastructure for Distributed Computing (Infraestrutura Nacional de Computação Distribuída)
INCoDe2030 - National Initiative for Digital Competences, Portugal, (Iniciativa Nacional de Competências Digitais)
INESC - Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering (Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores)
INFN - Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (Italy)
INTERFACE - Portuguese government programme for KT and business innovation
IPC - Instituto Politécnico de Coimbra
IPPOG - International Particle Physics Outreach Collaboration
ISS - International Space Station
IST - Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa
IT - Information Technologies
ITN - Innovative Training Networks, a EU Marie Skłodowska-Curie action
ITQB - Instituto de Tecnologia Química e Biológica (NOVA)
JUICE - Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer (ESA)
KT - Knowledge Transfer
LAr - Liquid argon
LEO - Low Earth Orbit
LEP - Large electron positron collider (past CERN accelerator)
LCRM - Low-Cost Radiation Monitor
LHC - Large Hadron Collider (at CERN)
LHCb - LHC experiment
LHCC - LHC experiments Committee
LIP - Laboratory for Instrumentation and Particle Physics
LNEC - Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil
LOMaC - Laboratório de Óptica e Materiais Cintilantes (Optics and Scintillating materials lab)
LUX - Large Underground Xenon (dark matter experiment, at SURF)
LXe - Liquid xenon
LZ - Dark Matter experiment at SURF (merge of LUX and ZEPLIN experiments)
MACC - Minho Advanced Computing Centre
MARE - Marine and Environmental Sciences Centre
MarsREM - Mars Radiation Environment Models
MFS - MultiFunctional Spectrometer
MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
MIP - Minimum Ionizing Particle
ML - Machine Learning
MoU - Memorandum of Understanding
MSc - ‘Master of Science’ (M.Sc.) degree
MW - Mechanical Workshop (LIP)
M&O - Maintenance and Operations
NA38 - CERN SPS experiment
NA50 - CERN SPS experiment
NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration (USA)
NDBD - Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay
NEI - European Researchers Night (Noite Europeia dos Investigadores)
NEXT - Neutrino Experiment with a Xenon TPC
NOVA - Universidade Nova de Lisboa
NOVA SBE - School of Business and Economics at Universidade Nova de Lisboa
NPstrong - Nuclear Physics and strong interactions (LIP)
NREN - National Research and Educational Network
NP - New Physics
NUC-RIA - Nuclear reactions and Astrophysics experimental group (LIP)
O-PGI - Orthogonal Prompt-Gamma Imaging
OR-imaging - Ortogonal Ray imaging
Ortho-CT - Orthogonal Computer Tomography
PANDA - experiment at FAIR, GSI
PCB - Printed Circuit Board
PERIN - Portugal-Europe R&I Network (ANI)
PET - Positron Emission Tomography
PhD - ‘Doctor of Philosophy’ (Ph.D.) degree
Pheno - Phenomenology group (LIP)
PI - Principal Investigator
PIPS - Portuguese Interplanetary Particle Surveyor (ESA contract for Mercury mission)
PORBIOTA - Portuguese Infrastructure for Information and Research on Biodiversity
ProtoDUNE - Prototype of the DUNE detector, installed at CERN
PPS - Precision Proton Spectrometer
PQCD - Partons and QCD (LIP)
ProtoTera - Association for Proton Therapy and Advanced Technologies for the Prevention and Treatment of Cancer
PS - Proton Synchrotron (CERN)
PT Space - Portuguese Space Agency
QCD - Quantum Chromodynamics
QED - Quantum Electrodynamics
QGP - Quark Gluon Plasma
R3B - Reactions with Relativistic Radioactive Beams (GSI experiment)
RADEM - RADiation hard Electron Monitor for ESA’s JUICE mission
RD51 - CERN collaboration of detector R&D
RICA - Iberian Network for Advanced Computing (Rede Ibérica de Computação Avançada)
RICH - Ring Imaging Cherenkov detector
RIS3 - Research and Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialisation
RNCA - National Network for Advanced Computing (Rede Nacional de Computação Avançada)
RPC - Resistive Plate Chamber (gaseous detector)
RPC-TOF-FD - RPC TOF Forward Detector (HADES)
R&D - Research and Development
R&I - Research and Innovation
SARS - Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome
SciCom - Science Communication
SD - Surface Detector (in Auger)
SHiP - Search for Hidden Particles (CERN)
SLB - Synchronization Link Board (CMS ECAL)
SM - Standard Model (of particle physics)
SND - Scattering and Neutrino Detector (SHiP)
SNO+ - Sudbury Neutrino Observatory, at SNOLAB. SNO+ is the successor of SNO
SNOLAB - Underground science laboratory, Ontario, Canada
SPAC - Social Physics and Complexity (LIP)
SPENVIS - Space Environment Information System (ESA)
SPF - Portuguese Physical Society
SPS - Super Proton Synchrotron
STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
SURF - Sanford Underground Research Facility (USA)
SWGO - Southern Wide-field Gamma-ray Observatory
TA - Telescope Array
TACC - Texas Advanced Computing Center
TagusLIP - LIP laboratory at the Tagus Park business campus
TDAQ - Trigger and Data Acquisition System
TileCal - ATLAS Tile Calorimeter (ATLAS hadron calorimeter)
ToF - Time-of-Flight
TOF - Time-of-Flight
TPC - Time Projection Chamber (detector)
TRISTAN - name of a specific RPC-based detector
TT - Technology transfer
UC - Universidade de Coimbra
ULisboa - Universidade de Lisboa
UM - Universidade do Minho
WLCG - Worldwide LHC Computing Grid
WLS - Wavelength Shifter (referring to optical fibres)
ZEPLIN - Zoned Proportional scintillation in Liquid Noble gases, series of dark matter experiments (UK)