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Research Groups Contacts


Group Name Contact Person E-mail Phone
ATLAS - Collaboration in the ATLAS experiment at CERNPatricia CondeN/AN/A--
CMS - Collaboration in the CMS experiment at CERNMichele GallinaroN/AN/A--
Pheno - PhenomenologyGuilherme MilhanoN/AN/A--
FCC - Participation in the FCC feasibility studyRicardo GonçaloN/AN/A--
P&QCD - Participation in the COMPASS and AMBER experiments at CERNCatarina QuintansN/AN/A--
HADES - Collaboration in the HADES experiment at GSIAlberto BlancoN/AN/A--
NUC-RIA - Nuclear Reactions, Instrumentation and AstrophysicsDaniel GalavizN/AN/A--
NPStrong - Nuclear Physics and Strong Interaction GroupTeresa PeñaN/AN/A--
AMS - Collaboration in AMS - Alpha Magnetic SpectrometerFernando BarãoN/AN/A--
Auger - Collaboration in the Pierre Auger ObservatoryRuben ConceiçãoN/AN/A--
SWGO - R&D for the Southern Wide-Field Gamma-ray Observatory (SWGO)Mário PimentaN/AN/A--
DarkMatter - Participation in dark matter experiments: LUX and LZIsabel LopesN/AN/A--
Neutrino - Neutrino PhysicsJosé ManeiraN/AN/A--
SHiP - Search for Hidden ParticlesNuno LeonardoN/AN/A--
RPC - Resistive Plate Chambers R&DAlberto BlancoN/AN/A--
nDet - Neutron detectorsLuís MargatoN/AN/A--
GasDet - Gaseous Detectors R&DFilomena SantosN/AN/A--
LqXe - Liquid Xenon R&DVitaly ChepelN/AN/A--
ORimag - Orthogonal Ray Imaging for Radiotherapy ImprovementPaulo CrespoN/AN/A--
Dosimetry - DosimetryJorge SampaioN/AN/A--
SpaceRad - Space Radiation Environment and EffectsPatrícia GonçalvesN/AN/A--
i-Astro - Space Instrumentation for AstrophysicsRui Curado SilvaN/AN/A--
GRID - Distributed Computing and Digital InfrastructuresJorge GomesN/AN/A--
SPAC - Social Physics and ComplexityJoana Gonçalves-SáN/AN/A--
CCMC - Competence Center in Monitoring and ControlFrancisco NevesN/AN/A--
SimBigDat - Competence Centre on Simulation and Big DataNuno CastroN/AN/A--