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Vacation (LIP Lisbon)

When you will be out and will not be reading emails, you can setup "vacation" system so anyone who send email to your LIP email will receive an automatic reply to inform that you are no reading email.

To enable/disable your "Vacation" at your LIP email you must follow the procedures below:

  1. Connect to the mail server using ssh:
    Linux/MacOS/Windows 11 (example to run ssh in a terminal/Command Line):

    If you are inside LIP use:
    1. $ ssh  (LIP mail password will be asked)
    If you are not in LIP premises:
    (this is only possible using the or machines to reach the mail server.)
    1.$ ssh  (LIP mail password will be asked)

    2.$ ssh  (LIP mail password will be asked)
  2. You will see a menu and you must choose option "6) VACATION MENU"
  3. At the "LIP Vacation Menu" you will have 4 Options
    • 1) CREATE/EDIT Vacation Message You must define a message to be sent when people send an email to you. A default message is available, but you must change it, The line that begins with "From:" must not be changed The line that begins with "Subject:" can be changed but the "Subject:" must be k eep intact. From: Subject: (Resposta automatica/Automated Reply)
    • 2) ENABLE Vacation This enable the "Vacation" mode for your email. For each email you receive (and this will only happens one time for email address) an automatic reply with the message defined by you in option 1) will be sent back.
    • 3) DISABLE Vacation This will disable "Vacation" mode to your email, meaning that the automatic reply will not be sent anymore, DON'T FORGET to do this when returning from vaca tions.
  4. "Return to main menu" and "Exit"